Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Year... New Habits? Naaaaaaaaaaa......

So will the New Year bring new habits for me with this whole blogging thing??  Hmmmm.... I really just dont think so... 1 person can only do so much.  While I remain a 1 woman show with this gig, I think I will just have to be satisfied with the occasional blog, which really, is mostly for my own piece of mind.  I mean, face it, people like me that blog once every month or every couple of months dont get much of a following! :)  But that's ok... my time and energy has to be carefully balanced between designing, sewing/creating, photography, advertising, marketing, website management, accounting, and shipping.... oh! and then there is that thing I call a family too!!! :)  It's pretty nice to hang out with them once in a while as well!  So, I repeat... will the new year bring new habits?  I think, no, when it comes to blogging... but Im hopeful for other areas... my goal this year is to carefully manage my business... make it cohesive... bring it all together... really focus on identifying my customer.  This is a HUGE task for me since I love doing so many different things... creating different looks... but if the business is going to grow, it must be done.  So Im really trying to take the best of the best of the best... colors, fabrics, sillouettes... and just try to knock it out of the park... without making myself insane by biting off more than I can chew (THAT habit, I am trying desperately to abandon for the New Year!)  So here is a little sneak peak of what is to come this Monday, Feb.7th... my 1st Release of the New Year!  So this is my first pic posted of the 1st Collection Release of the Year...  Early Spring 2011!  My first adult skirt released to the public!  Yippee!!!!  And isnt my beautiful model just absolutely rockin' it?!!!!  I love my models!!!!  They are the key to making all of my pieces come alive... a bit like the story of Pinocchio... my models are like my little Geppettos! :)  I am so excited about this collection!!!!  Of course, as excited as I am... there is still much work to be done between now and Monday... so I bid you a wonderful Wednesday my friends!  And dont forget... check out the new threads... this Monday... Feb.7th!!!!

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