Monday, August 24, 2009

The volleyball family

This is a picture of my husband's awesome volleyball team that he coached this past Spring/Summer. This picture was taken at the big tournament down at Disney in Orlando, Florida this past June. What fun it was! They played their hearts out! What talented and sweet young ladies these girls are! Our family was truelly blessed with a wonderful extended family this year... the girls and their parents are as sweet as they come! We love you guys!! Go SMJVC!!! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coming out of the summer break whirlwind!

WooooooooWeeeeee! This picture is a pretty close representation of how I felt at the beginning of this week. I have been in a daze, wondering where the summer went, and wondering where in the world shall I pick back up?!
Actually, this is our sweet new stray puppy... her name is "Allie". She is part dachshund, part beagle. She is just the absolute sweetest, most lovable, most stubborn pup ever! I was about at my witts end with trying to house train her when a lovely friend of mine from church (Thank you Kristin!) offered a wonderful book to me called "How to housebreak your dog in 7 days". Well, its been a little more than 7 days, but she's still here... so I think there is hope! ;)
Ok, so the recording of Summer events will have to be done in stages... I'll do a brief summary of them all here, but then try to pick out the highlights in stages as we play catch-up. First, school ended.. 1 week later, we left for New York for our church youth mission trip at St.Anne's Episcopal Church in the South Bronx to work on church repairs and to work with elementary kids that attend an inner-city after-school program that they have year round. Then we were back home for a 4 days and left for a big volleball tournament in Orlando, Florida for my husband's volleyball team that he coaches (Go SMJVC!!) for 5 days. Then we were back home for another 4 days and hopped back in the car to Raleigh Durham, North Carolina to visit and stay the night with our friend & Alex's godmother, Meg... along with meeting my mom there to hand off our child to go back to Delaware with her wonderful Mom-Mom for a 3 week Theatre Camp. Then we came home for 1 full week (woohoo!!) and my husband and I enjoyed a majorly rare opporunity of spending a week together without children in the house... yeehaaaaa!!! ;) Then once we enjoyed one full week (and started to miss our baby dearly), I hopped back in the car and drove to Delaware for the last 2 weeks of theatre camp.... a week later, my husband flew up and joined us for the last week and final performance of "To be or not to be... a pirate".... our daughter's permiere stage performance... loved it, loved it, loved it!!!!... our return from that was July 13th. So then, our last part of the summer (AT HOME finally) was spent having mini birthday sleepovers, karate classes, Vacation Bible School planning and preperations, Vacation Bible School week, friend's birthday parties, playing with friends, speratic hours here and there for mommy to design and sew, training (or attempting to train) a new pup, endless hours at the pool, and most recently, preperations for another wonderful school year. (taking a long deep breathe here!)
And that would be were we pick back up... the start of school this week... Alex is in heaven... she loves school, she loves her teacher and she loves her classmates... and Mommy and Daddy love that she loves it so much! Meanwhile, Mommy, back at the homestead/office, has been chasing her tail trying to get back into some sort of work routine all week... mostly all Ive really done this week is clean.... something that just isnt possible with family members and little friends constantly running in and out. So cleaning is all Ive seemed to be able to concentrate on this week... until today. Today is my day to kick myself in the rear and begin to "really" work again. I think last night's bible study helped give me that one last nudge over the fence... it was a wonderfully motivating bible study... I call it "fuel for the soul"!
So I will close for now and try to get back on track with seperate postings of whats going on... life and work both... but please bare with me... it will probably include stuff from the present, and then occasional flashbacks with fun pictures of summer events, and then pictures of new design projects. So I bid you'all a wonderful close to a joyful 1st week of school (or 2nd, or 3rd) and I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!! Peace!