Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Madness!!!!!

Im so sorry I have not had more time to update my blog the past month or 2... This is what I feel like doing at times... see the photo? Run away!!!! Run as fast as you can!!!! Naaaaaaaa... I wouldnt run now if my life depended on it!!! :) Things have been great... but sooooo crazy!!!! The skirts and rosettes are flying off the shelf... almost faster than I can keep up... its been great! But Im starting to feel like the holidays are getting ready to wiz right by me... so Ive made an executive decision (ha!ha!)... Im taking a "skirt vacation" after my last show coming up this Saturday at Market Square (come see me if you're in town!)... Im stepping away from the sewing machine until after the New Year.... I think my sanity might depend on it!! :)~
The past couple days I realized just how busy Ive been with my skirt business, and I've been missing some quality time with the family... especially my daughter. So last night, we spent some overdue quality time together putting up all of the Christmas decorations around the house... we had put up the Christmas tree last weekend, but nothing else... it was looking just a bit un-festive around here... so we fixed that right up! And had such a wonderful time doing it!! Alex has really gotten into this whole decorating thing... and I have to say... she's not bad for 8! :) Her new favorite show is the decorating show "Boys vs Girls"... she watches it every morning while she eats her breakfast before school... I love it!!! Although... I might not love it so much when she tells me she wants to turn her bedroom into a skating rink, or some other off the wall idea... eh! You're only a kid once, right?! And it's just one room... (I must be losing my mind!)
Well, as I slow down for just 5 minutes this morning (before I run upstairs and start another sewing marathon!)... I try to remind myself what this season is all about... its not about, sew, sew, sew... sell, sell, sell... its a celebration... a celebration of Jesus' birth... a celebration for the love he has for all of us... a reminder to make a special effort to show that same love to others around us this holiday season... even when we might not want to... or might not typically stop long enough to bother... that's when the Good Lord is truelly present in our lives... when we do those unusually good deeds... even the tiny ones... I truelly think it makes our souls glow when we do those "little things"... sure, when we do good things for others, it certainly blesses others... but I think when we do good things for others, it feeds our souls in such a wonderful way... a little blurp from one of the sermons a couple weeks ago continues to stick in my head... "when you truelly give everything that you have to give... and not just the "leftovers", that is where we find God.... " That has been one of my favorite sermons this holiday season... something that really hit home for me... its easy to give the "leftovers"... whether its going out of your way to fix a special meal for your family on just a regular quick-meal kinda night(instead of pizza or leftovers).. or whether its giving $25 (instead of the usual $5) to church or a charity... whether its passing a friend you havent seen in a while and stopping for 10 minutes to give them a big hug and ask them how they've been and make a reconnect even when you dont have the time (instead of just smiling and saying "hey!")... whether its making eye contact with an elderly woman at the grocery store and offering them a sincere smile or help reaching the top shelf(instead of looking the other way and quickly rolling by because you're short on time)... so many things we let pass us by... let us(me) not get so caught up with the busy-ness of the season, that I let it pass me by... this is my prayer today. Have a WONDERFUL Tuesday all!!!! :) and I know we are still 2 1/2 weeks away.... but MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!