Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Snigglefritz Hair Accessories!!!!

Ok, been trying to play catch-up after nursing the family back to good health this past week... recovering from flu and pheumonia... fun! fun! fun! Im very thankful they are all on the upside of it now!!!

So I finally uploaded all of the new hair accessories.... flower hair clips and flower headbands!!! Check them out and let me know what you think!!

Oh! and I uploaded some new holiday doggie collar covers too... I couldnt leave the pups out for the holiday festivities!! :)

Send me some feedback... any feedback... good or bad!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Virginia Creeper... aaaaaahh... the fresh air!

Ok, so we experienced the Virginia Creeper for the 1st time... and wow!!! What an amazing day!!! A perfect sunny Fall day to bike ride down the mountains! We biked the top 1/2 which is all down hill or flat... 17 miles... long, but not bad... we only wished we had given ourselves more time... we had a 3 family group... including ages 3 all the way up to 40... our wee ones were tired by the end, but they all hung well and did great!!! Lots of quaint little towns that we didnt have time to see much of, but that just gives us extra motivation to get back up there and do it again.... I highly recommend!!! A great break from the business of life!!! A perfect family outing in my opinion! If you go, try to get up there by 10ish... takes about 2 hours to get there from Knoxville... leave yourself plenty of time for stops... I wanted to stop about every mile to take pics, but since we were with a big group, I tried to keep that urge under control!! :) But I could definately spend a very full day up there taking beautiful pics and enjoying the quiet peaceful sounds of nature... and the wonderful feeling of the warm sun shining down on my face through the trees on a chilly Fall day... just wonderful!!!! I wish everyone some "peaceful" Fall moments this week... take an opportunity when you can to take advantage of the amazing beauty around us right now... and take a long, deep breathe... I'm pretty sure I need to practice this waaaaaaay more often than I have been!!! PeAcE to you all!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

One of those weeks!!!

Ok, this has been one of those "not-according-to-plan" weeks... Ive had to just throw the To-Do List out the window... but Im trying my best to take it in stride and just go with the flow! My husband has been sick for the past week with a major cold/sinus thing, so I have been doing my best to take care of him and everything else while he tries to sneak in some extra rest inbetween working... so he is finally starting to get over his thing and feeling better, and now my daughter is sick... her throat has been hurting the past couple days, some swollen glands going on... trying to give her mucinex and advil hoping it was some sort of sinus thing, and now we found a big white little ball in the back of her throat... all I can think is Strep... EEK!!! So Ive kept her home and the earliest I can get into the doc is 10:45 this morning.
Meanwhile, Im trying to keep up with getting orders out inbetween everything else... but frustrated that I have 3 skirts cut and waiting to be sewn, then a new style that is waiting to be cut and sewn too before my Wednesday show next week and my big West Town Mall show the week after!!! EEk!!! Then I have a PTO Spiritwear Sale & Fun Week getting ready to start at my daughter's school next week (my responsibility) and I still dont have my tshirt samples back to take pics of and make the order form... I am suppose to make 1000 copies and have them distributed to all the teachers TOMORROW!!! ugh!!! Feeling a bit stressed... trying not to let it pour over onto the family!!!! I think I need to wear my tshirt that says "I have issues" today.
On a brighter note, we had bible study last night... talk about a breath of fresh air in the week of chaos!!! We rambled on about deep pocket sheets and eggs for about 15 minutes before we ever got started... it was so random but so great!!! Freshens my spirit every time we go!!! I think I could have used a 3 hour session instead of just a 1 hour session to get through this particular week though!!! :) Deep breaths... in with the good, out with the bad... deep breaths... deep breaths... have a great weekend everyone!!! ;)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh yeah... can't forget a pic of the bride & groom!

And here is the beautiful couple... my little cousin isnt so little anymore... :( He's all grown up... which, you know what that means... that means... I'm OLD!!! Naaaaaaaa.... I truelly do believe you are as old as you think you are... and I think I'm 29... that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!! :)

Congratulations Ben & Kim!!!! We are so happy for you both!!!

The view of the Chesapeake Bay

This is the view from the wedding reception... it's like the good Lord was laying his hands upon this special event giving his own personal blessing . Just breathtaking!!!

Cut'n a Rug at the Wedding

Ben & Kim's Wedding in Stevensville, MD

This is Kim and Alex... Kim is my cousin's beautiful bride. Their wedding was 2 weekends ago in Stevensville, MD... right on the Chesapeake Bay. I just cant tell you how amazing this wedding was... the view, the weather, the food, the music, the little details... everything!!! It was just incredible! They did an amazing job with the planning and prep work and it showed for sure! They make such a sweet couple!

Alex was thrilled to be their flower girl... she looked so pretty!! Well, for the first 1/2 anyway... once the kid-favor markers found their way to her dress... along with the chocolate fountains... and then there was some sort of break-dancing going on on the dance floor too (I'll see if I can add some pics of her and her cousin cut'n a rug together)... that by the time she was finished beating up on the dress, we actually left it behind at the hotel... yes, it was THAT bad!!!! But you know what, she got through the ceremony looking sweet as can be, so the h*** with the rest! We snapped some beautiful pics (pre-marker and choc fountain) so we do have proof that she can clean up well when we scrub really hard!! :)

Anyhow, Ben & Kim... we love you guys!!! Thanks for letting us be a part of a very special day!!!

I might be off my rocker.... Doggie Collar Covers!!!

Ok. so I just might be off my rocker... my husband certainly thinks I am!!! I've just added a new little collection to my website... Shabby Fashion Dog Collar Covers!!! :) Oh come'on!!! Stay with me here... so I have been collecting these fabric remnants as I've been making these skirts... too small to put into another skirt, but too big to throw out... so they've been piling up and piling up and piling up. So I was in a store a couple weeks ago and saw these nifty little dog collar covers... now, I say "nifty" because of the whole concept... but thats all that was "nifty" about them... the fabric that was used was probably the ugliest fabric on the face of this planet!!! So last week I started jogging my brain on what I could use my remnant fabric for... and it hit me... those Doggie Collar Covers!!!! Ok, so I think I'm either going to sell these things like hot-cakes... or Im going to get locked away in a padded room somewhere!!! Have my creative juices went too far this time? Well, we'll see I suppose... but let me just tell'ya... they sure do look cute as can be on Kelsey and Allie!!!!! :) So what's your vote? Cute? or... Off my rocker?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A beautiful night's sky!

Ok, so I just had to post this picture from last night's moon... Brent and I were out on the front porch waiting for Alex to get home from Awanas and we both noticed how cool the moon & sky looked so I grabbed the camera and snapped a shot... and thought I'd share with all of you! :) It's all part of my "stop and smell the roses" therapy Im trying to train myself to do more often!!! :) Im calling a strike against my constant To-Do List!!! What's life all about if at the end of it, all I can say is, "I finished everything on my list!!!" So, my advise for today... look up at the sky tonight... and enjoy the view!! :)