Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Virginia Creeper... aaaaaahh... the fresh air!

Ok, so we experienced the Virginia Creeper for the 1st time... and wow!!! What an amazing day!!! A perfect sunny Fall day to bike ride down the mountains! We biked the top 1/2 which is all down hill or flat... 17 miles... long, but not bad... we only wished we had given ourselves more time... we had a 3 family group... including ages 3 all the way up to 40... our wee ones were tired by the end, but they all hung well and did great!!! Lots of quaint little towns that we didnt have time to see much of, but that just gives us extra motivation to get back up there and do it again.... I highly recommend!!! A great break from the business of life!!! A perfect family outing in my opinion! If you go, try to get up there by 10ish... takes about 2 hours to get there from Knoxville... leave yourself plenty of time for stops... I wanted to stop about every mile to take pics, but since we were with a big group, I tried to keep that urge under control!! :) But I could definately spend a very full day up there taking beautiful pics and enjoying the quiet peaceful sounds of nature... and the wonderful feeling of the warm sun shining down on my face through the trees on a chilly Fall day... just wonderful!!!! I wish everyone some "peaceful" Fall moments this week... take an opportunity when you can to take advantage of the amazing beauty around us right now... and take a long, deep breathe... I'm pretty sure I need to practice this waaaaaaay more often than I have been!!! PeAcE to you all!

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