Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A few more pics of Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg

So our Colonial Williamsburg week was awesome! What a great place... just as neat as I remember as a child! Alex seemed to enjoy it just the same... we were so worried she would get history overload and be so bored by the end of the week. But it never happened... Yeah! She got to dress up one day as one of the little Colonial Williamsburg children... she was very excited about that!

Of course, the costumes are what got my attention... there are so many beautiful details on those dresses! Im hoping to incorporate some versions of those details on some of my upcoming skirts... I have so many different ideas sworming in my head right now... I just need more time to work on them. I just have to hang on and finish out this PTO gig... I made a commitment, so I need to see if through... taking up a ton of time this year, and its all been great... just keeps me from putting as much time as I would like into designing... so Im looking forward to the summer... although I'll need to be careful I dont bury myself up in my studio!! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Newest addition... another baby skirt is born! :)

Ok, the past 2 weeks have just gotten crazier and more chaotic with each hour that has passed... especially with the recent loss of a very cherished hour... I have dark circles under my eyes that Ive labelled "Spring Forward... right back to bed".... I just love waking up when its pitch dark again... Im so very motivated by darkness... can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?... it's pretty thick... Anyhoooooo... :) Luckily, I did find enough time to finish my newest little creation... yippeeeee!!!!

Meet STELLA!!! She's confident, a little whacky, and has her own unique point of view. She's my newest addition to the skirt collection! This one is made with a colorful & whimsical owl print, mixed with a red ditsy polka dot, a vibrant fuschia pink pleated trim, and then a whacky green & turqoise polka dot ribbon snap strap... you just never know when you'll want to carry around the little girly change purse or maybe just a favorite keychain without the fear of losing it! Let me know what you think... I welcome ALL feedback... good or bad!

I'm getting ready for Spring Break next week... squeezing 2 weeks worth of my "To-Do List" into a few days, but boy, am I looking forward to it!!!!! We're heading to Williamsburg... not the typical kid spot for Spring Break, but I remember it from when I was a child and I just remember it being such a neat, neat place... hoping my daughter thinks the same!!! All else fails, I know there's an indoor pool where we are staying and icecream somewhere throughout Williamsburg... so we'll be just fine regardless!! :) I'm personally just looking forward to some long overdue uninterupted family time!!! So to all of you that will be on Spring Break as well... be safe and have an awesome week off!!!!

First order of business when I get back is my 1st dress... I know what the design will be... just have to work out the fabric choices and cut out the pattern.... so stay tuned!! Later my taters! Have a wonderful day!!!