Monday, July 19, 2010

Big "Christmas in July" Etsy Event!!!!

I just wanted to do a quick shout-out about this big "Christmas in July" Etsy Event that's going on right now.... lots of specials going on. Not just in my Snigglefritz shop but tons of other Etsy shops. Check it out for some great savings!

So I think Im in denial that Im just not a "true blogger". A true blogger posts every day... whether mentioning that they've had toast for breakfast this morning, or in a lousy mood because they got cut off on the highway earlier, or maybe that they have worked their tail off today and are ending the day completely exhausted. So here I am, posting once a month if Im lucky sometimes. If Im really on top of things, I actually post as much as once a week!!! Wooooo! Step back! :) But I seriously don't see how people keep up with it all AND get anything done AND how they still have time to have any one on one contact with actual human beings!!! Maybe I just still have a little bit of "old school" tugging at me, but I can't seem to give up on it... Ill figure out the balance... someway... somehow! :)

So in a quick snapshot, the past month has included a 3 week Theatre Camp in Middletown, DE at the Everett Theatre for my daughter... where she just seems to BEAM when she's up that stage... so much fun to watch!!!! This is her 2nd year... and if I had to guess, many more to come! I think she's got the stage bug or something... she just lights up so much... it wonderful to see her light up like that, especially after the tough Spring we had with her being sick and dealing with some anxiety issues. The past month also included some relaxing girl time while daddio spent a week in the South Bronx at St.Anne's Episcopal Church helping with our church mission trip, and a week at Disney in tournaments with his volleyball team. We missed daddio very much, but the girl time was nice too! :)

So now we are on to a visit with Nana and Paw-Paw in Kentucky for a couple days 1on1 visit while mommy and daddy have a couple days down time, and a BUNCH of sewing prep time for the next Market Square show coming up next Saturday (eek!). Its hard to believe that school will be starting again in just 3 weeks... crazy!!!!!! The summers seem to fly by faster and faster each year... you know that "Easy button" that Officemax or someone has? I need a little "Slow-motion button"!!!! Yowza!! I just pray Im not wasting any "moments" in so much of this busy-busy stuff, ya know? Well, wishing you all a wonderful week and many great "moments"!!! :)