Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break Sleep Schedule Hangover

Today will be a battle to overcome my Spring Break hangover... no... not really a "hangover"... just a hangover from no structured sleep schedule.  Our first Monday back to the grind today after a week long of Spring Break sleeping schedule.. or... LACK OF schedule.  Aaaahhh.. how nice it was to wake around 7:30-8ish to the sunlight beaming through my window... and not worry about getting to bed at a decent hour.  Oh, but how all that catches up to me!  Im pretty sure I should have started reprogramming myself on Friday!  But! It was nice while it lasted.

No big trips... Alex went to her grandparents for some one on one spoiling time, i mean, quality time. :)  Brent and I tried to have a couple nice dinner dates while we were childless, but he was battling strep for Spring Break, so although they were still a rare, nice treat, he wasnt exactly able to enjoy them 100%.  We did find time to fit in a couple of relaxed dinners with some good friends that we hadnt spent time with in a while, along with a little family horseback riding on an absolutely gorgeous sunny day... so that was some really nice quality family time tucked in there.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, however you'd like to look at it... Brent and I did work like dogs for a couple of days while Alex was away at her grandparents... I had tons of orders to catch up on and he had tons of appointments and office work to catch up on since he's been out of town so much lately... but we were able to do it without the guilt of feeling like we were neglecting our child on Spring Break... so we were grateful for that too.

But needless to say, Im pretty sure is going to be slow moving... its 9:24am already and Im still not upstairs sewing yet... 5 orders still to complete... but no matter how tired I am right now... I am still grateful for that week of flexible schedules!  So I will shuffle back over to the coffee pot, fill'r up, and get my tooshie upstairs and back behind that sewing machine once again... because... by golly... even all droopy eyed, I am still so very grateful that all this hard work is paying off and things have finally kicked into 2nd gear with this biz... I am excited.. and even a bit nervous... on where this business is heading... but I finally feel like its heading "somewhere"... and thats such a GREAT feeling! :)

I raise my coffee cup to y'all... now lets go tackle those to-do lists! ;)