Thursday, October 22, 2009

One of those weeks!!!

Ok, this has been one of those "not-according-to-plan" weeks... Ive had to just throw the To-Do List out the window... but Im trying my best to take it in stride and just go with the flow! My husband has been sick for the past week with a major cold/sinus thing, so I have been doing my best to take care of him and everything else while he tries to sneak in some extra rest inbetween working... so he is finally starting to get over his thing and feeling better, and now my daughter is sick... her throat has been hurting the past couple days, some swollen glands going on... trying to give her mucinex and advil hoping it was some sort of sinus thing, and now we found a big white little ball in the back of her throat... all I can think is Strep... EEK!!! So Ive kept her home and the earliest I can get into the doc is 10:45 this morning.
Meanwhile, Im trying to keep up with getting orders out inbetween everything else... but frustrated that I have 3 skirts cut and waiting to be sewn, then a new style that is waiting to be cut and sewn too before my Wednesday show next week and my big West Town Mall show the week after!!! EEk!!! Then I have a PTO Spiritwear Sale & Fun Week getting ready to start at my daughter's school next week (my responsibility) and I still dont have my tshirt samples back to take pics of and make the order form... I am suppose to make 1000 copies and have them distributed to all the teachers TOMORROW!!! ugh!!! Feeling a bit stressed... trying not to let it pour over onto the family!!!! I think I need to wear my tshirt that says "I have issues" today.
On a brighter note, we had bible study last night... talk about a breath of fresh air in the week of chaos!!! We rambled on about deep pocket sheets and eggs for about 15 minutes before we ever got started... it was so random but so great!!! Freshens my spirit every time we go!!! I think I could have used a 3 hour session instead of just a 1 hour session to get through this particular week though!!! :) Deep breaths... in with the good, out with the bad... deep breaths... deep breaths... have a great weekend everyone!!! ;)


  1. I love the small group talks...our generally includes food! Sorry your having such a hard day,will pray for a better one tommorrow and for Alex and your hubby to feel better soon!

  2. Thanks Lisa... you're a sweetie!!! :)