Monday, October 12, 2009

I might be off my rocker.... Doggie Collar Covers!!!

Ok. so I just might be off my rocker... my husband certainly thinks I am!!! I've just added a new little collection to my website... Shabby Fashion Dog Collar Covers!!! :) Oh come'on!!! Stay with me here... so I have been collecting these fabric remnants as I've been making these skirts... too small to put into another skirt, but too big to throw out... so they've been piling up and piling up and piling up. So I was in a store a couple weeks ago and saw these nifty little dog collar covers... now, I say "nifty" because of the whole concept... but thats all that was "nifty" about them... the fabric that was used was probably the ugliest fabric on the face of this planet!!! So last week I started jogging my brain on what I could use my remnant fabric for... and it hit me... those Doggie Collar Covers!!!! Ok, so I think I'm either going to sell these things like hot-cakes... or Im going to get locked away in a padded room somewhere!!! Have my creative juices went too far this time? Well, we'll see I suppose... but let me just tell'ya... they sure do look cute as can be on Kelsey and Allie!!!!! :) So what's your vote? Cute? or... Off my rocker?

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