Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trying to return back to some "normal"

Im a little extra tired this morning... 3 day weekend... tons of fun... but busy, busy!  Photoshoot planned for Sunday but then bumped up to Saturday due to the weather forecast... sewing non-stop to get everything done right up until the hour before the shoot!  Chaos!  But totally worth the stress!  The pics turned out beautiful!  Very blessed to have such easy going models AND model mommies making things go so smoothly!  I become a bit OCD with the pics after a photoshoot though... I cant leave them alone until I go through every single one and choose all of my "favorites"... sometimes viewing 2000 pics at a time.  Needless to say, I tend to go a little cross-eyed during all of that!  But the photos are truelly what gives these pieces "life"... seeing them worn... in the midst of daily life.. they come alive!  Im having a bit of OCD aftermath with my stomach today though... I think the stress and poor eating habits this weekend has caught up with me... heartburn last night... and getting a little more intimately acquainted with my bathroom this morning.. ugh!  But pics are finished and hubby is back home again after several days out of town... so this week will be spent trying to return back to some "normal" again... HA!  "Normal"  What is that, anyway?!  I certainly have no clue!  :-B  So the 2nd Spring Release is almost ready for its premiere... 2 more weeks.  I keep wondering if 3 releases to this "Indie Charm" line was too bold of a step... biting off a little more than I can chew... BUT!  Im still upright... and still loving every second... so I guess that means we march forward! :)  Random highlight to my weekend:  an extra long tickle war with my daughter last night after playing the PJ race.... she won the pj race, but i won the tickle war... hands down! :}  Enjoy your week everyone... and the wonderful warmth of the sun while it sticks around!

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