Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let's make it feel like Spring! Who cares if its only 24 degrees! :)

So here we are... in a major cold spell sweeping the nation... hearing about people getting strep and flu... pipes bursting... cars stuck in snow and ice... and we are in Tennessee where its like some sort of heat wave compared to everyone else!  And here I am... trying to release my 1st Spring Collection of the year!  And by golly, I might have everything working against me right now, but Im on a personal mission to give everyone a taste of Spring if it kills me!  :)  So I say three cheers for Punxsutawney Phil!  Bring on that warm, sunny Spring weather and "Hasta la vista, baby!" to this bitter winter weather!

So here we have another little sneak peak of whats to come on our Feb.7th release coming up this Monday!  (did I mention I was excited?!!!  I mean... pee my pants excited?!! :)  Again, a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thanks to all of my gorgeous models... without them, the collection would never have the chance to come alive on a screen!

Time is ticking though... still lots to get done before Monday! So before I get caught rambling on for too long, its off to the sewing room I go! Have a fabulous Thursday... and stay warm! 

P.S. I occasionally check the "word of the day" on and there's something I really like about the word for today!!!  So Ive decided to share....  :)

eclat (ey-KLAH) - noun-1-brilliance of success, reputation, etc. 2-showy or elaborate display  3-acclamation; acclaim 

I even love the little speaker option where you can hear the word in case it looks too totally bizzare for me to pronounce... this one sounds like "a clock" to me without the "ck" at the end.. lol!  ok, there's my useful, yet useless, tidbit for the day!  If anyone can share a sentence using "eclat", please feel free to share in the comments!!!! :)

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