Friday, February 4, 2011


We made it!  It's Friday!  Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

Ok, so any moms out there that tend to have some helicopter parenting in them?  Well, I learned this about myself about 5 years ago in a parenting class at church... eye opening experience, let me tell ya'!  Ever since that little reality check on myself, Ive desperately been working at it and trying to figure out ways NOT to be a helicopter parent... I mean, c'mon... face it... I really don't want my child starting her 1st job out of college and me chasing her around going "Do you have your briefcase? your lunch? a jacket? your brain?!"  So my daughter and I have these occasional "talks".. they are usually caused by some sort of blow-up.. of me finally getting tired of saying "what? you forgot your homework?... what? you forgot your karate belt?... what?  you forgot your sweatshirt?..."  Because, as I said, Im trying DESPERATELY not to be the one constantly going "Dont forget your...!"  So with that, comes the other end of it, my child stumbling some.  Well, when "some" becomes "all of the time"... thats when its time for one of our meeting of the minds.  So it came to that point the other day... so after my long diatribe about how God wants us all to be a kind, loving, generous, caring, and responsible people... going on to say that she really takes the cake most of the time on the "kind, loving, generous, caring" part, however, when we get to the responsibility part... we tend to fall off of a cliff.  So I had her make herself 2 lists... I figured Id take a different approach... make HERSELF the boss (heck, Ive tried everything else... why not?!)  So I had her write 2 lists... 1 was a list of Chores with 2 small chores listed for each day except Sunday.  The other list was a list of Responsibilities... I told her to write down things that she seems to have a hard time remembering on her own... like when she goes to Karate, putting her belt on and grabbing her karate bag before walking out the door... or when she goes to school, grabbing her backpack without being reminded... or filling out her reading log in the mornings without being reminded 5 times... etc, etc... So she made herself the lists (I know, Im one of those crazy list people!).  Her responsibilities list is just a general checklist for herself... to check as she walks out the door to go to school... or to karate... or whatever.  The other chore list is a list of her 2 small chores that will need to be done each day after school... before we go off and play, watch tv, etc... I figure, if we, as parents, cant be disciplined about letting her know what is expected of her on a consistant basis... then what makes us think SHE will be disciplined about it, right?  So this is my solution for THIS week!  Ha!  We'll see how all that goes... Ill keep you posted... but honestly, the biggest part of this battle is keeping my helicopter parenting tendencies in check... and letting my child stumble some along the way so that she can learn some things on her own watch... maybe I need to invest in some duct tape for myself! :)  Bottom line, we are truelly blessed to have this spunky, loving, befriend-anyone-who-comes-around child in our lives... and if this is the toughest hurdle we have to go through, MAN!  Did we get lucky!  ;)

Ok, so on to business... here's another little sneak peak of whats to come this Monday! :)  Ok, I know this handsome little model steals the show and I could have probably put ANY tie on this little fellow and it would have looked adorable...  BUT!  Im lovin' this little tie as part of the collection as well!  Im pretty sure its my favorite tie thus far!!!!  :)

Ok, so... Monday, Feb.7th....   Happy Friday all!!!! :)

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