Thursday, February 17, 2011

Simple pleasures on a special day...

Ok, so I had a little catching up to do on orders after taking Valentine's Day off... but it was well worth it!  So our usual Valentine tradition is never something spectacular... my husband and I vowed a long time ago not to get sucked into the commercial hype of Valentine's Day... that it was much nicer to get flowers and go out to a nice dinner on some random day vs. some "expected" day. 

So this year was no different.  It did start out a little rough though... found out my husband had volleyball practice that evening... "Wha?!!"  "On Valentine's?!"  Ok, so typically, that would not be a huge deal, we would just celebrate another night... no biggie!  But!  Daddio has been out of town a TON lately, so our "family time" has been far and few inbetween.  So after being sprung the news of practice that night... I didnt get mad,  I totally understood that we all have responsibilities that we commit to, and sometimes it works out not-so-conveniently.  But, none the less, it still made me "sad".  Well, the tentative hubby that he is, tapped into that... and gave me my first Valentine gift of the day... he cancelled practice. :)  Now, this might not seem like a big deal... but this guys doesnt even cancel practice when schools are closed for snow!  He takes this gig very serious!  And for me, usually, I would not be happy about something like that... knowing it may have messed other people's schedules up... but in this particular case... on this particular day... I was just happy to know our family would be spending a nice evening together at home. 

So the evening was filled with simple pleasures... the grilling master creating some of his finest work under some rare warm sunshine weather, fabulous dinner with all of us sitting around the table, chit-chatting with family without ANY distractions (no tv, no phones, no computers!), this simple little gift of a framed photo for daddio, old swing music turned up on the tv music channel... and then came my 2nd highlight of the night... Alex and I swing dancing (ok, "attempting" to swing dance) in the family room for the last 30 minutes of the night... giggling at one another as we tried to twist and turn one another while never getting the timing just right... such sweet and simple little pleasures... probably some of the happiest 30 minutes of my life! :)  I hope it was a day filled with special moments for all of you too!  XOXOXOXO

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