Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thanks God for good friends & nice cows!

Soooooooo.... photoshoots dont ALWAYS go quite as planned.  See these cows... um. and that one giant bull to the left?  Well, they were quite curious about what we were doing in their field during our last photoshoot and wanted to see, first hand (or hoof?*), what all the commotion was all about. 

So a wonderful friend was lovely enough to check with her inlaws to see if we could take some pics on their farm for our last photoshoot... they were much obliged and welcomed us with open arms onto their property.  So we meander inside the gate, put down our props, and start taking pics as the girls run around having fun.  So we were about 5 minutes in to the festivities when a big herd of cattle come strolling around from the barn so see who's broken into their field.  So we did a little of the whole "Shew!  Shew!"  with some arm wafts... must I say?  Yea, didnt work!  So we start backing up all the props as they were strolling up closer and closer... a bit beyond our comfort.  Just as we went in to get our last "load", their curiosity peeked and by golly, they were going to check it out!  So our poor antique school desk and guitar were left to weather the snorts and sniffs! :}  So we stood back as we watched then nudge and lick our lovely little posessions... yelling "No! No! No! Don't LICK it!!!  Shew! Shew cow!"  Now, keep in mind... watching the bull to the left staring at us... we said this while tucked behind a giant pile of concrete blocks!  Lesson of the day:  When you're trying to get that real down-to-earth setting for your photos, with the farm & cows in the background... you might want to have the farmer put up a gate between you and the cattle BEFORE you start clicking!  Just sayin'.... ;)

A huge thanks to some wonderful friends... Katie & Donna... not to mention Katie's inlaws... for helping create this wonderful & hillariously entertaining afternoon! :)

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