Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Festivities in a Skirt / "Day of the Dead" Celebration

Ok, some of you might think Im totally off of my rocker with this skirt... but I just had to do it!  Its a limited edition, but I have been eyeing this fabric for months!  I kept talking myself out of it every time I looked at it... for obvious reasons... but I was like a magnet to it every time I came acrossed it!  So one day, I had my 9 year-old-daughter with me, and I said "Sweetie, do you like this fabric by any chance?" and she said "YES! I LOVE it Mom!!!"  (of course, keep in mind, she's a little wacky herself) but that's all I needed to hear... and off to the cutting table I went! :)  I know there are lots of people out there that love the traditional holiday threads, but I just figure... there are sooooo many people out there doing those... do we really need ONE MORE person making the sweet cutesy stuff?  So here I am... trailing off the beaten path, throwing some wackadoodle skirt out there to have fun with.  Wear it for Halloween, wear it to celebrate the mexican holiday "Day of the Dead", or just wear it because skulls are so incredibly "IN" right now... whatever the reason, if its your cup of tea, there is just soooo much fun to be had with this one...  :) 

Working on uploading this and a few other new styles to the site right now...

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