Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trying to educate myself on CPSIA

Ok, so I have been trying to do a crash course of what's been going on with this new CPSIA law... apparently, some joker that knows nothing about manufacturing and was obviously not thinking anything about small businesses when they decided to pass this new law that requires lead testing for ALL children products that are for children 12 and under... and possibly some other testing as well. These testing costs would cause retail prices to more than double... yeah, THAT'S what we need to help the economy! Geeeeees!! So my understanding is that anyone manufacturing children's clothing (and most other children's products) will have to issue a GCC (General Conformity Certificate) once you have testing results back from one of only 23 CPSA accredited testing labs in the United States, stating that your products contain no more than 600ppm lead. This must be done for every item you sell. This law passes Feb.10th. Then, starting August 14, 2009, this maximum level lowers to 300ppm lead. In addition, all products will have to have a permanent tracking label. A clear explanation of the new requirements can be found at You can get the most up to date information at and then go to the CPSIA Forum. I'm hopeful this new law is going to be postponed so it can be modified. The magnitude of businesses that this would effect... fabric suppliers, graphic designers, trim suppliers, yarn suppliers, advertising agencies, sales reps, sewing operators, pattern makers, and the list goes on... Little ol' me would not do much to the economy, but thousands of "little ol' me's" would certainly make its mark.

Anyhow, my head is swimming with all this red tape. I still have hope though... and I'm still going to push forward. But nothing like throwing an overgrown wrench into the whole equation, eh?!! Keep your fingers crossed for all of us lone craftsmen and artisans out there!

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  1. I heard a little about this on Glenn Beck. I won't know how I feel!