Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crazy Week / Burpie & Paci Clip Sets

Ok, crazy, crazy week!!! PTO stuff coming out the ying-yang, 1st week of truelly trying to put the house back together from the holidays, working on some new designs for the etsy site, found out my mom's trying to burn down her house (not really.. just a small kitchen fire.. but still!!!), and then had our new bedroom furniture delivered and wow!! never realized a "furniture delivery" could be such a horrible experience! Rooms to Go has an OUTSTANDING sales team, but the delivery company that they contract out to is... well... wow... horrible!! So beware... highly recommend them for the sales team, but be prepared for possible major unpleasantness during delivery time! Email me if you'd like more details on that. And then, of course, trying to keep up with some skirt biz... I have so many ideas that I want to play around with but there is just not enough time in the day to explore it all... I lay my head down on the pillow at night and it just starts to stir at full speed... "oo! what about this... what about that... oo! this trim would be great with this fabric... oo! and if we did a little drawstring pull there... " I just LOVE playing with new fabrics and trims and unique details... it's like a kid in a candy store!!! But I tend to slip back into my old workaholic ways when I get going, so Im constantly needing to keep myself in check... especially when it comes to spending time with my family! It's like diving into the ocean and finding all these new and beautiful things under the sea... but then eventually... you have to come up for air to breath... unless youre a mermaid... and then, well... i guess your sewing machine would get awefully rusty awefully quick... ok, totally getting off the subject, sorry!!

Ok, so I worked up some of my burpie & paci clip sets. I'd love to get some feedback on these. Im wondering if it's enough. Im wondering if the 1 burpie & 1 paci clip is enough to hold its own, or if I need to do 2 burpies & a paci clip, or if I need to do a burpie, paci clip and little plush rattle animal... My thinking behind this set was that I was able to use the funky fabrics I love so much and mix them with some funky ribbons for the paci clip and it made a nice price point for small, easy and quick baby gifts... retailing at $12.00. Im just wondering if I shouldnt be afraid to go up to an $18.00 price point but add a 3rd item to the set. Whatcha' think? Feel free to click the comment button and offer feedback on this.

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