Friday, January 9, 2009


Ok, so Im feeling good... Im 2 days into my 2009 work-out routine. Im bound and determined to stick to it! I can feel the law of gravity taking hold of my mid section and its just not pretty! When you run up the stairs and you can feel your love handles actually jump up and down at each step... well, that just cant be good!

Some of my family (my Aunt Liz, Aunt Giddi & Uncle Joe) have really kicked some tail with getting into shape. They look great, you can tell they feel great, and there is just this extra healthy & energized glow about them... a couple of them are even doing marathons now! So they are a big part of my inspiration... surely, if one generation ahead of me can get into shape, so can I!! :)

"Just say NO to jiggly love handles!!"

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  1. Oh Di- this entry cracked me up. I have the same problem after baby Gavin...feeling my bum jump up and down when I run. Anyway, one of my old work out buddies from Tampa just did her first marathon. So, I am now thinking...if Mandy did it then I should atleast attempt a 1/2 marathon. Now, if I can just get Gavin to like that daycare gym all would be good!!!! :) I have to lose all of the baby weight...I have a Derby dress and bridesmaids dress to look slim and trim in now!