Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A mom and business owner trying to catch up with the times!

Di here... posting my first blog. Check me out!

Ok, so here's my quick low-down... I worked in the corporate clothing design business for about 10 years... working long hours and traveling out of town for weeks at a time. Then, my daughter, Alex was born in 2001... changed my world. I never imagined myself quitting my job to stay home with kids... but WALA! Here I am! Of course, the term "quitting my job" is used loosely. I quit my "corporate job", but started "Snigglefritz", a small children's boutique here in Knoxville, TN. My daughter has inspired me the whole way! I have been strictly a retailer up until about a year ago a I started playing around with my sewing skills starting with cute paci clips, bibs and burp clothes... and eventually found myself addicted to making skirts for my daughter, so I decided I should add that to the inventory list as well.

I have a store on Ebay and Ecrater, and now I am new to Etsy. Ebay and Ecrater currently have all of my gift items, but Etsy is the only location that I am selling my skirts so far. I am having so much fun with these skirts... I just love finding new ways to mix funky fabrics!!

I am also a 1st year PTO president for my daughter's school this year... woowee!! What was I thinking?!!!! Eh! Actually, its been a ton of fun and very rewarding for the most part... but I will tell no lie... it requires a TON of time! It is the equivalent to a demanding part-time job. So that has been a struggle... trying to juggle it all... keeping the shop going, creating this new line of skirts, PTO, teaching sunday school, bible study, helping my husband with his side job, ANIMALAND (like a build-a-bear business but his is mobile), and then, of course, my 1st priority... raising my daughter and keeping up with her!

So here I am... "daring Di" branching out into the bloggers world! Stop in and visit my shop sometime... here are the links:

And I welcome feedback, comments, suggestions, advice ALWAYS! So post a comment to me or email me at Help me to continue catching up to the 21st century!! :)

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  1. Hey Diane,if you don't mind I will post your business on my blog,have a lot of people from all the us that I blog with,may get you some business. just let me know..