Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ending the night on a good note.

So I just cant end the night with that last blog. I have to leave you with something uplifting... I have to leave ME with something uplifting too... I turn my head up to the heavens and thank our good Lord for so many blessings... a beautiful daughter with a beautiful heart, a wonderful and loving family, unbelievably supportive friends, a home with HEAT (some of our family has gone without heat for 3 days now - in Paducah, KY - ice storm), our kind and gentle animals (2 pups and 1 cat), the list could go on for days... So, big deal! Law makers have found another way to stir up the pot... what a surprise! It will all work itself out... and I will still be here making my skirts!!! :) Leaving you with a favorite photo to close out the night... me with 2 of my biggest blessings. Love to you all... Nighty-night!

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