Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Still going... Skirts, skirts, skirts!!!

Ok, I've just had a sewing marathon over the weekend. My husband and daughter went to Paducah, KY to visit Grandpa again.... he is doing GREAT!!! It's amazing to hear how well he is doing, considering where he was when we first got to the hospital
last weekend. A wonderful reason to celebrate and say our thanks for sure!!

Meanwhile, I stayed home to take care of the Carter Zoo and make skirts, skirts, and more skirts!!!! My first show is coming up next weekend and I want to premiere the collection with a bang! So I'm working really hard on getting my inventory up... I figure I need to abandon this idea that everyone will place custom orders... we are an immediate gratification society (myself included), so I need to have skirts ready to roll off the rack... and boy do I hope they roll off the rack!!! I sure struggle with the whole confidence thing... one part of me says... "YES! This is the time... its now... you can do this... give it your all... and don't let a few failures stop you... learn by them... and make it better... you can do this!!!" And then the other part of me says.. "I am such a horrible sales person... what makes me think I can go out and sell my product?!.. I'm sure there are plenty of others trying to do this... what makes me different from them... what makes me any better... any more deserving?" Why can't I be one of those ubber confident women that can have that confidence, paired with humility? There is such a fine line, ya know? It annoys me so much when people portray confidence and come across pompus and stuck on themselves... I feel like the little train that is chanting "I think I can... I think I can... I think I can..." I know I can do this... I've wanted it all my life (well, since I was 13!)... this is what every job (good and bad) and experience has lead me to... I know it is. I still firmly believe that I need will eventually need to expand and recruite a good team though... I know my strenghths, and I know my weaknesses... I will eventually need someone who has a good business sense to manage the financials and planning... a sales rep to go around and sell the line to specialty retailers... and I will also need a graphic designer... I really want to do a line of tshirts that coordinate back to the skirts but in a very non matchy-matchy way... and at a very reasonable price point... I will also need a few sewers too... so anyone who would like to start out pro-bono, let me know!!! :) A percentage of sales is the best I can offer right now... I have 8 shows booked and another 2 shows in the works between now and the new year.

I can see it... I can smell it.... I can taste it... I will work like a dog for it... its what I love to do.. its in my blood... nothing makes me happier (except my family of course... nothing compares there!! :) Ok, so the first show is coming... down at Market Square... yeah, yeah, its just the Market Square Farmer's Market... but lots of cool arts and craft vendors down there... this is the produce/food section, and then an arts and crafts section... if you find yourself around downtown Knoxville this Saturday, please, please, please stop by and say hi... and do a little "no-rain" dance for me, k?

Ok, back to work... and for those friends and family that I have neglected horribly over the past 2 weeks, I am so sorry... I still love you dearly... just trying to stay focused and off the phone until I have met my inventory goal for this weekend... I promise to catch back up with everyone after this first show!!! I hope you are all well and have had a great, restful, long holiday weekend!!! :)

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