Monday, September 21, 2009

Market Square in Knoxville

So I just wanted to remind everyone to stop down at Market Square this Wednesday, Sept.23rd if you find yourself around downtown Knoxville between 10-2pm! The Market Square Farmer's Market is going on... and it is not your traditional Farmer's Market... yes, it has wonderfully fresh organic produce, baked goods, jams and honey... but it has so much more... there is a whole arts & crafts section with wonderful jewelry designers, artist/photographers, handbag designers, tie-dye clothing designers, gourmet coffee suppliers, children's clothing designers (that would be me... heehee!!), and much, much more... and then, of course, there's just the wonderful peaceful atmosphere that Market Square magically creates... especially on a day with beautiful weather... there's just no better place to be!! So!! Speaking of weather... I need everyone to do the reverse rain dance Tuesday night, K? The rain MUST stop by Tuesday evening... it just has to... this will only be my 2nd show... I can have a rained out show already!!!! :{ So, all of my friends and followers... do a little jig for me, ok? I would be so very grateful to you'all!!! Ok, well, I suppose I do have to get some sewing done today... I have 2 new designs in full size sets to complete before Wednesday... Eek!!!! I hope everyone makes the best of this wonderfully rainy Monday... curl up on a couch with a book if you can.. forget about the house cleaning and responsibilities for just a day! or if you work full time, order pizza and curl up on the couch with your kids and catch a movie when you get home this evening... who says Movie Night has to be on Fridays?!! :) Oh! and by the way, this is a picture of our little "Samantha" Skirt... a beautiful asian inspired print with wonderful Fall colors, like oranges, red, turqs, and browns... I'll be switching all of my listings over to actual inventory in the next day or 2... so be sure to check it out later in the week for all the new styles and sizes!!!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I happened to be in Knoxville for the game for your first show and just happened to choose to meet our friends in Market Square before the game. We had no idea there would actually be a market going on. Anyway I saw your booth and loved your skirts ( I think yor husband was working the booth - he was very nice and was very proud of you and your work :) ). There were two that I wanted to buy but didn't want to bring them to the game with me so I grabbed your card. I just looked on Etsy and don't see either of them. I think they may be in that bundle of skirts that I can see in one of your pictures on your blog but I don't know for sure. So I was just wondering if your were planning to show a picture of all of your skirts designs on etsy or if there is a better way for me to find the ones I wanted. Good luck with your business. Your skirts are precious!!!!

  2. Hi there tnkerry!!! I'm so glad you stumbled upon our booth by accident and looked us up!!! :) And yeah, sorry, been crazy busy since the show so I havent even had time to update my listings with my new skirts from the show... but my husband says he thinks he remembers you... says you were very sweet!! :) He thinks you interested in the 4 tier ruffle skirt and the turq & brown leaf skirt... does that sound right? If you dont mind, check back at the end of the day Thursday... they will all be updated by then... OR!!! if you happen to be downtown tomorrow afternoon, I'll be down there for the Wednesday Show at Market Square... 10-2pm. Thanks again for stopping in to post!!!! :)