Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Everett Theatre - To Be or Not To Be... A Pirate

Ok, so this is one of those things where we were waaaaaaaaaay hesitant to send our daughter to her Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's house, over 600 miles away in Delaware, to attend a 3 week theater camp over the summer.
Well, to our pleasant surprise, I think it may have been one of the greatest highlights of her childhood that she will remember the rest of her life. The Everett Theatre is in Middletown, Delaware... the teeny, tiny town that I grew up in (well, I suppose its not so teeny tiny anymore). This is a beautiful old historical theatre that has been kept afloat by dedicated volunteers over years and years and year... some of those volunteers being my brother, mom and dad. They do everything from heading up the volunteer organization (brother), to planning and organizing (mom & brother), to working the candy counter during shows (mom and dad). The children's theatre workshop has been going on forever (atleast since my childhood anyway)... it seems to be a tradition kind of thing... I, personally, was never involved... although my brother popped in and out of it... but many of the ones that attended, continue attending, getting better, getting bigger parts, helping with sets, lighting, production, etc... to eventually come back and volunteer in directing or production or costumes... it is a wonderful life cycle that goes on at this beautiful place. I found myself taken back and the new "family" that my daughter was adopted into over those 3 weeks... so much so... that on the day of the final production... the first thing she said was "I can't wait to come back next year!" What a wonderful bunch of people... very professional... very dedicated... very welcoming! She absolutely loved it... so here we go... making plans for 3 more weeks next summer... ahhhhh... when will the summer running ever stop! I guess when it becomes not-so-much fun! ;)

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