Monday, September 28, 2009

Cats and Plants... and Kids Teeth...?!@#

Ok, so the 2 subjects on this header have nothing to do with one another... but that's whats on my mind right now...
So 1st... cats... this is Boots... aka "Bootsie" when she's being sweet.. or "CAT!" when she's being mischievous. This is our first cat... adopted her from a stray kitten about a year ago... we've been dog people all of our lives, but we love all animals and she stole our daughter's heart, so what were we to do? Well, obviously, bring her home! :) So she has adapted well... the dogs get along with her quite well... our younger dog, Allie loves to play with her sometimes... and Bootsie loves to play chase with Allie... she knows that Allie is suppose to stay inside the baby gate in the kitchen and family room... so she'll zoom right past Allie getting her all wound up... and get her chasing her, then she'll go straight for the gate... hilarious to watch!! Anyhoooo... so our only obstacle that we have not overcome with Boots is the plant thing... she has killed every living plant in the house except for our last 3... we have 1 tree left that is on the floor in the kitchen, and then 2 potted plants that we have had to put up on the top of the fridge to keep them safe... now, you might say... "Well my cat can get up on the fridge!"... yeah, yeah, yeah... ours can too... but she doesnt like to because we've surrounded the top edge with inside out strips of duct tape!!!! Its the only way she'll leave them alone!! So that brings us back to the 1 last tree that has survived... we have put chili pepper on the top of the soil... tin foil around the edge, saran wrap, skewers poking out the top, even this spiky rubber stuff that you wrap around the trunk.... and NOTHING HAS WORKED!!!! HELP!!!! Please, please, please, I beg for some good insight on this one!!!! Its a matter of tree life or tree death!!!
Ok, so on to our next subject... children's teeth! Our daughter is 8 and is a pretty disciplined morning brusher... we're not very good about brushing at night... we do sometimes, but forget other times... my husband and I both grew up morning brushers, so that is just what sticks with us... anyhow, she brushes with good effort every morning... however, her big teeth are coming in pretty crooked on top... so when she brushes, it just doesnt get in some of those tough areas where her teeth are overlapping and crooked... so my question is... do children get braces now'a'days before all of their adult teeth are in? I dont know the answer to this, but my daughter has been noticing kids the same age with braces on... so it makes me wonder... should this be something I look into? I hate to think of the cavities we will be accumulating because she can't get into those tough places very well while we are waiting for the rest of our big girl teeth to come in... I suppose this is a question for our dentist... our next cleaning is coming up soon... just thought I'd throw that out there though... surely someone else has experiences this as well... maybe you can help shed some light on the situation...
Ok, back to work... today is Monday... and its starting off to be our first beautiful Fall week... after 2 weeks of rain, rain, rain... aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.... I LOVE Fall!!!! :) Enjoy your week everyone!!!

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  1. I asked about braces as well and was told that we should wait until all teeth are lost,and the reason most kids wear them early is to move them straigter so they can have more room when the big ones come in and then they have to get them again...So just ask....I can't help ya with your cat issue!!!