Monday, September 21, 2009

Snigglefritz Photo Shoot 1

Well, this weekend has been very busy!!! We did a little photo shoot with our neighborhood friends on Thursday, then had some dear friends come into town for the weekend on Friday, did another photo shoot with those little girls on Saturday, and then went to go see another dear friend dance at the Greekfest on Sunday. So today, I seem to be moving a bit slow... its a rainy Monday after a busy weekend... what can I say?!! Sometimes, you just have to cut yourself some slack, right? :) For now, trying to post a quick blog update will be my priority for this rainy morning... can't quite think of a better way to spend it (blocking out my long to-do list)!! So our super models here are Carley, Whitney and Alex... they seemed to have a great time and they were wonderfully patient!! We really wanted to do the photo shoot outside, but all we've seen here for the past week is rain, rain and more rain... so indoors it was! So thank you my generous neighbor model agent friends... for loaning me your beautiful children!! :)

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