Thursday, February 26, 2009

My little tree-hugger

OK, I'm back up and running again... came down with an awful sinus infection last week... really thought it was just a bad head cold until around the 3rd bad day my ears started to tighten up... i knew at that point i needed to seek professional assistance! So I am 6 days into the antibiotic and finally feel back to normal again... yeah!!!!
So I'm going back about a week and a half (right before I got sick)... we had 2 or 3 absolutely beautiful days... low 70's, beautiful sunshine, you would have thought it was the end of April, not middle of February!!! So we decided to take advantage of it and went out for a scooter ride around the lake... and along the way we inspected some Minos, skipped some rocks, tried to fish for snapping turtles with a long tree limb (didn't work, just in case you were wondering! :), had a contest on who could throw a rock the farthest, played on the playground, climbed some trees (well, one of us did anyway! :) It was great!!!
I wish I would slow down enough to do more of this... still working on that thing I mentioned earlier... that whole stepping back out of the Mommy Boot Camp mode... we have such a good time when we do this. Why in the world is it so hard to "just enjoy the moment"... I tend to get caught up in the "what comes next" instead of "whats going on now"... that whole "we have to get this done, that done, oh! and then there's that other thing..." way of thinking.
Those rare moments where we're down at the lake goofing off, or walking, or biking... or having family game/puzzle night, or Friday pizza & movie night... those are the "real" moments... the ones that really count... so how do you balance the endless to-do list with that quality time of being in the moment? i think the key might have to do with time-management... something I definitely need improvement on! So that will be my area to focus on this week... we'll see how it goes... I have a new skirt that's waiting to be sewn up (fabric is cut out and ready to roll)... I'm hoping to finish that one tomorrow... I'll post when I get it photographed to see what you think... and of course, I'll need some suggestions on what to name the new baby.... so be thinking about some new groovy "S" names!!! :)

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