Sunday, February 8, 2009

My new baby... skirt, that is... Princess folk farmer meets Pipplongstocking!

Ok, so I have to share this little conversation I had with my daughter Friday night as she was getting her PJ's on. I sent her to school in this latest skirt creation I finished last week... she wore a cute little love/peace/joy hippie type tshirt with it and a pair of flair bottom jeans underneath... I thought it was quite cute. Well, as she's putting her pj's on and hanging the skirt back up on its hanger (and no, her clothes dont always end up back on the hanger... it was just a lucky night!) and she says... "Mom... " with this very sincere and kind face..."I really dont want to hurt your feelings... and I do like the skirt and all... but.... ummm.... I just dont understand why these little tab things dont go all the way around the skirt... how come you just put 2 of them right here?" (she's talking about the 2 little ribbon trim tabs I added to the 2nd ruffle on the front of the skirt) At first, I wanted to defend my creation... and explain to her my reasoning behind wanting to balance out the little off-centered red ruffle panel that i put at the top front of the skirt, blah, blah, blah, blah... (thats really what it would have sounded like if I had went into all of that), so instead, I took it all in... put a finger to my chin... and said "Well... thanks for being honest with me, sweetie... I will put some serious thought to it and see what I can do"... can I just say, I do so love my little apparel consultant... slash / assistant clothing designer... and, of course, exclusive model... and inspiration provider... as well as my own personal smile-maker... and since we're on the subject, i mine as well mention that she's my best snuggable hug-giver in town too... Anyhow, this one might still be a work in progress... I never dismiss good criticism without consideration first!! :)

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