Sunday, May 30, 2010

Simple pleasures... being in the moment!

So I think I finally found a day of "moments"! It was a wonderful, fairly uneventful, living-in-the-moment kind of day!
We've had a busy couple of days with a bunch of "Schools out little girl sleepovers". Other than the occasional "THUD!" on the ceiling, all of our guests have been lovely and they all seemed to have such a good time... pizza, movies, ds games, nails, makeup, pool, board games, and lots of giggling! Our last guest was taken home last night... ahhhhhhhh! A chance for a little quiet time. This morning, something very unusual happened... we slept in 'till 9am! Unfortunately, we missed church because we slept so late... but I have to admit, the extra rest was WONDERFUL... for both of us! So it started with a wonderful cup of coffee and some nostalgic cartoons... like the Smurfs! :) After about an hour of cartoons, Alex looks over at me and says "Mom, maybe we should read some scripture from our bibles since we're not going to church." Of course, I thought to myself... Wow! I can't let this one slip by! So I said "I think that's a great idea!" So we finished watching The Pink Panther (which, by the way, why do I remember this show being way funnier than it actually was?!) Anyhooooo... we took 3 turns each using our "faithful finger"... that's where we just open the bible and close our eyes 'til out finger finds a spot. We had a couple scriptures that really connected and we were able to talk about and share examples... and then there were 1 or 2 that neither of us had much to offer to the story... BUT! That's ok, because the ones that connected, connected so beautifully! It was wonderful... and my 8 year old daughter initiated the whole thing! Needless to say, it was a very proud parent moment for me! :)
So from there... I went out to pull a few weeds, while she began concocting some sort of scented bubble solution where she was finding flower pedals and plant substance to add to several different scented bubble solutions. She had me come smell test several times and by the 3rd or 4th time, I told her that there were some different extracts/flavorings in the kitchen cabinet she could use if she'd like... then that lead to letting her know we had several different scented oils... then after a while, she was mixing up her own blend of essential oil body sprays... it was great... you could just see the creative juices flowing! She had these little tiny squirt bottle left over from her pixo kit, so she emptied those and now has 2 little exclusive "Alex scented body sprays"! She was so excited... and needless to say, I was very excited for her!
Well, from there, I told her there were places she could go to buy different scented oils and little spray bottles so she could make more if she wanted... and that that would be a great thing to use her chore money on if she wanted. Well that just kicked her into chore mode... went upstairs and cleaned her bathroom, vacuumed her room and then even cleaned her cat's little box! She was working on cleaning out my wallet! But that's ok... she was motivated and who was I to get in her way!
So after chores and and some lunch, I told her I had to go upstairs to do several hours of sewing and that she was more than happy to come up with me, or she could do whatever... but we were laying low for today without a bunch of friends running around. So she came up with me and I started my sewing. Well before I knew it, she was in the midst of making her doll a pair of shorts... all by herself! Now, dont get me wrong, she had to remake the shorts 3 times because the 1st time they were too small, and then the 2nd time, she didnt have enough waist area, and then by the 3rd time, they were just right! (well, just right for an 8 year old making a pair of shorts for the 1st time! ;)
It was a day filled with "being in the moment" and enjoying every bit of it! It was WONDERFUL! Alex and I enjoyed some quality mommy-daughter time together without it having to be some "planned event". There was no complaining of being bored, of having to do her chores, of me having to sew, of not getting to watch more TV, etc, etc... we both just enjoyed the day... for what it was. What a wonderful gift... Im so very thankful. I wish all of you many "moments" during this long holiday weekend! :)

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