Friday, May 28, 2010

"Be present in the moment"... HA!!!!!

Just giving everyone a big shout out to come down and join in Knoxville's Market Square festivities every Saturday... 1st Saturday of every month in particular (that's when Ill be down there! ;) Working my tail off to have plenty of variety in skirt styles and sizes, but even more so, plenty of accessories to choose from too!
Summer has officially started, school is out, so now the challenge of working while kids play all day kicks into gear. My goal this summer is to find the "Balance".. balance? whats that? I sometimes believe there is no such thing. But my goal is to make out a schedule for myself... part work, part play. I figure if I make out a schedule, then maybe it will allow me to "be present in the moment" more... instead of constantly feeling guilty for playing while i should be working... or working while i should be playing... and never fully being present in any of the moments because Im constantly thinking about some other moment (oo! sorry! major rambling there!). Why is "Being in the moment" so difficult? Am I the only one that struggles with this? It does happen from time to time... and when its happening... I tend to realize it right in the middle of it.. and go "Wow! I need to work at this more often.. THIS is what its all about!" But thats the thing... if you work at it too hard... its not "real"... so anyone with some words of wisdom on this subject is urged to share please!!! :)

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