Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bring on the spit-up! Burp Cloth & Flower Headband Gift Sets

We are now officially enjoying summer break. Things have been busy, calm, busy, calm, busy, calm around here... thanking the heavens above for the small waves of "calm". We play, swim, work, fit in a little VBS, work some more, play, chill, play some more, swim some more... aaaaaaaand repeat! :)
So Ive been carrying my Infant Burp Cloth Sets for a while, but have not added them to my website because I kept tweeking the accessory that went with them. BUT! I have finally settled on what they will be now. So the set includes 1 burp cloth, 1 stretchy crochet headband, and 1 detachable rosette or flower hair clip. I only go down to 12M on my skirts, so Ive been trying to make sure I have something to offer for our wittle itty bitty cuties out there. They are $10/set. Ive went back and forth on whether I should include 2 burp cloths in each set, but then Id have to bump the price up to $15 and I really like the $10 price point... I welcome any opinions you'd like to offer one way or the other on that.
Meanwhile, still working on this whole "being in the moment" thing. Such a tough thing to do when the to-do list keeps growing... especially when daddio is out of town and such a vital part of our daily family functions. Alex and I are really missing him... he's in New York on a mission trip with our church. We usually go up there as a family... atleast that's become a tradition over the past couple years... but Alex really needed some extra down time this summer to chill out and relax, so we cancelled all of our usual travel trips except her theatre camp in Delaware. We miss our mission trip crew... and all the kids at St.Anne's Episcopal Church After-School Program in the South Bronx. It's been pretty cool though... Brent and I have figured out our video functions on our phones and have been utilizing them to send little video messages back and forth between the kids and the family. It helps Alex continue some of those friendships she's made up there... we're already looking forward to being a part of that again next year... what an exhausting and unbelievably amazing week that is... those kids are so unbelievably strong and honest... and "real". What a blessing they are.
Ok, enough rambling and jumping around... sorry! :} I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Will post more soon... new designs being photographed this week.. hoping to have pictures back to share in next week or 2. Yippee!!!

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