Monday, November 23, 2009

Very proud parents of our Long Jumper!

Ok, so what's the difference to being just plum proud of your child for achieving something and wanting to shout it out to the world... and bragging? I try to teach our daughter NEVER to brag... to always be proud of yourself for your accomplishments, but not to do it in a manner that makes others feel inadequate... so what is that fine line? I know I tend to be too sensitive about this subject at times... but there's nothing more annoying than someone boasting about themselves all the time... such an unattractive quality! But there has to be a way to be proud of an accomplishment and wanting to share that accomplishment with the ones you love... so I suppose its in the approach... the sincerity behind it... how do you teach that? I guess the best way is by example... but Im not even sure I know! Ive always been overly conscious about all that that I probably dont talk about myself ENOUGH sometimes... so where's that happy medium?... at bible study, we are taught to always bring our WHOLE selves to church, or to a relationship or to a conversation... that THATS where we find God's grace... well, Im trying... and right now, I just want to shout out to the world how proud I am of our baby... she won Longest Long Jump of all the girls in 3rd grade that tried out at Brickey... who knew?!!! Our baby can JUMP! :) She'll be going to the county competition.... she will be representing 3rd grade girls from Brickey in the Long Jump competition... way to go sweetie!!! Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you giving it your all!!!!

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