Friday, February 19, 2010

Eek! Chaos! Releasing Part 1 - Snigglefritz Spring Skirt Collection

OK, so do you see this picture?! Well, this is a perfect representation of how my 1st release to the Spring collection has gone... just pure chaos! Photo shoot day was hilarious and infuriating all at the same time! So this shot captures the whole mood of the day... it represents the girls' own individual ideas of what they had in mind for that day (which, needless to say, was opposite from what I had in mind). This is their earned "end-of-shoot goofy shots" They only earned about 5 free shots on this day (they usually earn about 30!). It certainly can't all be blamed on them... Im not sure what I was thinking to take this event on on this particular day... Im pretty sure my hormones were flaring high and my patience were nowhere to be found. Im just very thankful that they escaped unscathed at the end of the day!!!

So, as with "life", all obstacles have been thrown in my path to keep me from getting the 1st part of this Spring collection completed. Grandpa in hospital, Alex dealing with some sort of 1/2 passing out sugar low episodes with multiple trips to the doc (blood work results come back tomorrow morning), family drama stuff, snow days with kids shuffling in and out of the house, PTO yearbook stuff, PTO spirit wear stuff, dog illnesses... not to mention keeping up with the normal stuff like school work, karate, piano, awana, church, excersize, bible study, volleyball... and on that very rare occasion, fixing a home cooked meal, doing a load of dishes and maybe a load or two of laundry! The distractions have been at an ultimate high! But I am bound and determined to get this knocked out! We did the 1st initial photo shoot last weekend, I took individual pics this morning, edited pics this afternoon, and got the skirts listed this evening... now if I can just get the coordinating accessories listed and one of the skirts reworked (decided at the last minute it just wasnt working for me so Im changing the under panel... I just thought I needed to add ONE more thing to my to-do list! :b

So, here I am, trying to take a deep breath, using my long overdue blog posting as a place to breath, vent and reflect. Whats really on the forefront of my mind is Grandpa and Alex... Grandpa apparently flat lined twice today... docs just arent sure if he will make it through the night (sigh). I pray God's will be done... and all who love him will be at peace with whatever that is.... We love you Grandpa! And then there's Alex... with these odd & sudden episodes of extreme fatigue, weakness and nausea. My guess has been some sort of sugar low... but that is a very unprofessional guess. Blood work was done today at Children's Hospital... results tomorrow. Friends and family have thrown out several guesses and Ive surfed around on WebMD... speculation can be a dangerous thing, let me just tell ya! Trying to just hang on until tomorrow morning to get actual test results... but you just cant help but worry about your baby, ya know?!

So anyhooooo... I wish everyone a ver peaceful Friday night sleep... Im so very tired... nighty-night all! Oh! and a special Happy 40th Birthday Bro'! Love ya!

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