Saturday, May 23, 2009

Crazy Chic on Field Day & Horse Farm Dream

Ok, so here's my crazy little chic on Field Day. She was so excited about field day, that she woke up around 5:30am the morning of Field Day and was ready by 6am... she doesnt even have to leave for school until 7:20am! She had a blast! For me, I was a little run down and tired (from all of the end-of-year events) so I didnt have quite the enthusiasm that she had, but it was awesome to watch all of them have such a great time! Mr. Israel does such a great job planning out all of the events and the kids love every second of it!

So Friday was our last day.... yeaaaaaaaah!!!! I don't know about any of you guys, but boy was I ready for summer!! Im ready to chill out a bit... do a little R&R... well, and maybe play with some new skirt & dress designs!! :) Just finished my first dress... along with 2 more skirts... I havent taken pictures of them yet... but Ill post them as soon as I can to see what you think.

On a whole other note... my husband and I have been looking at purchasing some acreage or finding a small horse farm to buy lately... I think we are ready to branch out of the subdivision world... needing a little more space, a little more quiet, need to simplify our living a little bit, be more appreciative and enjoy the beauty that already surounds us, help our daughter nurture her own individuality... scale back from having so much "stuff"... find some time to sit in the rockers on the front porch... are you laughing at me yet? I sound like an old grandma, dont I? Why dont we do that anymore? Why dont any of us take time each day to just relax and take some deep breathes? Everyone always seems to be on the go... including us! We are just trying to rediscover some balance in our lives... to appreciate the blessings we have been given... so we'll see how that all goes... the real estate market is not at its best so I know now is not the optimal time to sell... but we'll see what happens... if its meant to be, the right deal will come along, and if its not meant to be, than it wont... atleast we are fortunate enough not to be in the position where we HAVE to sell... like so many others right now... tough times right now... but tought times may help us get back to the basics... maybe it will help us refocus on the right things... shave off the excess, so to speak.

Well, enough of my rambling... one thing I seem to do quite well!! :) I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend... and for all of you who are traveling... be safe!!!

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